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Security tests

IT resources are a key to the success for every business. A security breach might result in the failure of a given enterprise, contributing to the loss of both clients and the reputation itself, and in the incurring of huge costs related to legal procedures and the attempts to recover lost assets. Numerous software development teams and the failure to provide specialist documentation of the system being built is a fatal combination, which nearly always poses a risk that security vulnerabilities will occur in a given application.

Why are security tests so important?

According to the results of Gartner studies, 75% of attacks on IT systems are caused by vulnerabilities in software safeguards. According to NIST, 92 percent of reported vulnerabilities have their source directly in applications. Most recent attacks targeting tech giants show that the traditional security methods are simply not effective. Every growing business must feel concerned about this state of affairs. Investing in the development of security infrastructure is the solution.

How can we help?

Our security experts are characterised by vast experience and the ability to use cutting-edge tools, which allows an efficient testing of security features.

Our objectives include

    • finding vulnerabilities in security structures, and assessing the risks they pose,
    • identifying high-risk areas which require immediate response,
    • identifying requirements for the improvement of security policy and processes,
    • preventing vulnerabilities based on previous experience,
    • streamlining the processes and assumptions of new security infrastructures.

We have a wide range of services in our portfolio, including security assessment and penetration tests.



Performance tests

The TESTCASE team also delivers projects which involve performance testing. Their experience guarantees the design of tests which reflect the actual and potential load in the production environment. We implement our projects with a view to obtaining answers to the following questions:

  • Will the system be able to handle a specified number of transactions in a set time?
  • Are there any “bottlenecks” in the system?
  • What is the actual performance of the system?
  • How will the entire architecture behave in a situation of system overload?

Based on the answers to the above questions, TESTCASE engineers will recommend actions which will contribute to improved system performance, and allow our clients to avoid breakdowns in the future.

What do we use in our works?

Most of the projects implemented by our QA engineers at Testcase are based on the HP LoadRunner platform. It is an industry-leading solution which is used for carrying out comprehensive performance tests. We also run performance tests using well-tested free solutions, such as Apache JMeter.



Functional tests

The Testcase team, with their rich experience based on long years of practice, conducts functional tests which are bound to meet all the requirements of business users.

We can perform these tests even if the schedule is every tight, at the same time striving for highest possible quality. Our approach is based on, i.a. exploratory testing, during which our teams “play” with the application being tested. The next step includes a gradual shift towards more “methodical” scenarios implemented on the basis of the developed scenario matrix. It is going through all test cases that leads us to the quality assessment of the application being tested.

Partners on the way to success!

It is vital to implement the test process at the very beginning of system development. QA- including testing - should be strictly related to the development process, notwithstanding the methodology which is applied as part of a given project or in an organisation.

Our experience allows us to “incorporate” our team into various application development methodologies, notwithstanding whether they are traditional, incremental, or agile. Testing is one of the most important stages of the software development life cycle, and cannot be disregarded!


In order to streamline the Quality Assurance process, we use state-of-the-art tools supporting test management. We provide services covering the implementation of a solution based on HP Application Lifecycle Management (formerly HP Quality Center), as well as such tools as Jira, Bugzilla, TestLink, and SpiraTest.

We also have our own testing laboratory, TestcaseLAB operating since 2015, which includes, for example:

  • mobile testing devices (a selection of mobile phones of the most popular brands),
  • computers (Win, Mac),
  • server rooms in two remote locations,
  • osoftware, including the most popular tools used in the QA process (e.g. JIRA, bug tracking tools, etc.).
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