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About us

Multi-platform services

We work on various PC and mobile platforms.


We automate tests and create our own original support solutions.


In quality management and performance of all types of tests.


We have knowledge of various technologies, tools, and methodologies.

Multi-sector services

We have experience in the telecommunications, banking, energy, and insurance sectors, just to name a few.


Tests are not only our work, but most of all our passion.


We take active part in various events related to the QA sector.


We are observing the market closely in search of new solutions.


Three is nothing which “can’t be done”. All we need to think of is “how.” And we do just that!

As TESTCASE, we provide services in the sphere of software testing, analyses, and IT systems’ architecture.

For us, the focus on the quality of the provided services is a substantial assumption behind the projects we deliver. It translates into the quality of the IT systems we co-create with our clients.
We are constantly improving the skills of employees specialising in all areas related to testing. This is not all! We are developing our own solutions aimed at supporting testing, monitoring, and integration.

We deliver projects for leading Polish fixed and mobile telephone service providers, and for the representatives of rapidly growing economy sectors, such as insurance, banking, services, and commerce.

We are closely observing the market and the demand from our clients. We devote a vast share of our attention to automation and robotisation. These are areas our consultants excel in, and our new employees have a chance to develop their skills. To this end, we have developed our own original standards which we are gradually expanding by new solutions emerging on the market, month by month, project by project.

Thanks to this approach, we can say with full confidence that automation and robotisation are the main specialities of our company, at the same time acknowledging the value of the knowledge and skills related to the traditional methods of software quality assurance.


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