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Depending on customers’ actual needs, TestCase offers outsourcing of the entire test process or its individual components, including: planning and organizing tests, executing and supervising the implementation and its overall evaluation. Effective planning of the test process guarantees the possible subsequent verification of progression and determines the degree of process’s maturity. Based on the analysis of the test solutions, we can indicate:

  • optimal test strategy and effective strategies for automation,
  • types of testing compatible with the quality model,
  • required basis and scope of testing,
  • the most effective techniques,
  • tools which support testing process,
  • the scope and quality of the test’s data,
  • effective channels of the flow of information,
  • product’s test quality metrics as well as test itself, the factors that determine the moment of tests’ completion.

We also offer audit and optimization of already implemented QA processes.



Karol Janiak

General Director