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Test Automation

Own solutions, including tools for controlling automation tests: TestCase Quality Integration

The use of the most effective commercial software tools in the field of QA’s support

HP UFT, HP ALM, HP LoadRunner, JIRA, Selenium, Borland SilkTest


TestCase passionate employees implement projects on Test Automation. Many years of experience in the industry as well as the sense of tools and range of cases ensure that implementation of test automation will end up with great success.

During the implementation of automation process, we bring the awareness at the stage of its architectural development:

  • service’s convenience and its actuation,
  • speed of activities,
  • maintenance-free at runtime (no need for supervision)
  • error handling mechanism allows easy configuration of error handling,
  • self-configurability with preserved possibility of user’s configuration.

Methods for creating test depens on desired effect, targeted time and complexity of automation, including the amount of scenarios affecting the common elements. To personalise a way of creating automation test, we always pay attention to:

  • the amount of time provided to produce a script,
  • script’s life expectancy,
  • analysis of future services’ needs,
  • number of elements, which use is repeated.

Automation solution is always a balance and awareness of the trade-off between the cost of manufacturing as well as the quality and solution’s characteristics. Areas for which the use of automation testing gives the most tangible results in the process of application’s delivery, implementation and maintenance:

  • automation functional testing and regression,
  • checking environment’s availability (healt check),
  • test data’s preparation,
  • filling environments with the relevant data.

Consistent approach implemented by TestCase’s employees allows for easy conversion of linear single test or unitary test into end-to-end test which operates on multiple systems. It indicates the possibility of developing existing solutions if there is a reasonable need.

Automation is an integral part of the test. Automation scripts are ideal for repetitive operations, including test data’s generation – and these are less frequently contracted to perform manually.

Profits from the test automation implementation:

  • The ability to quick and efficient verification of changes or bugs’ fixation after uploading,
  • The speed of information,
  • Significant improvement of test coverage – automation tests, due to their speed can be run for a number of input parameters,
  • The reduction of unit testing’s costs,
  • The ability to easily comprehensive analysis of test results,
  • Minimization of the need to involve testers after test’s implementation,
  • Possibility to increase the number of test’s repetitions in less time.


Most of the projects implemented by the QA engineers in TestCase platform is based on the HP Unified Testing / QuickTest Professional. This tool is an industry-leading, award-winning solution for a complete functional test automation. HP QTP allows us to create tests for verifying compliance with
the requirements of the application and, if necessary – through native integration with QC / ALM – publish results or report bugs. Web testing projects are carried out also in Selenium or other, preferred by the customer, tools.



Grzegorz Milczewski

solution architect

phone.: +48 570 990 919