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Security Tests

Information resources are the key elements for any business’s sucess. Security breach can lead to the company’s defeat, contributing to the loss of clients, reputation and moreover, it can also require enormous costs for the legal process and recovery of losses. Numerous teams and lack of specific documentation about created systems is a deadly combination that almost always leads to vulnerabilities in applications.

Why security tests are so important?

Gartner research indicates that 75% of attacks on IT systems are caused by software vulnerabilities. According to NIST, 92% of gaps are found directly in applications. Recent attacks on tech giants indicate that traditional security methods simply do not work. Any developing business may express concerns about this state of affairs. The solution is to invest in the development of the whole security infrastructure.

How can we help?

Our experts in security have the experience in and ability to use the latest tools, which allows efficient implementation of security testing process.

Our objectives are to:

  • find weaknesses in the security architecture and estimate the risks they entail
  • identify high-risk areas that require an immediate response
  • identify requirements which are necessary to improve the security policies and processes
  • prevent weaknesses and improve processes, on the basis of experience and assumptions of new security’s infrastructures.

We offer a wide range of services including security assessment and penetration testing.



Grzegorz Milczewski

solution architect

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