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Functional Tests

TestCase team, by having rich experience based on many years of hard work, fulfils functional tests that meet all users’ requirements, leading to the highest possible quality even as there is very tight schedule. Our approach is based on i.e. exploratory tests, during which our team “plays” with the tested application, then gradually transforms it into methodical one. Tests are carried out on the basis of the developed scenarios. Going through all the possible test cases leads to the quality assessment of the application which is being tested.

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It is vital for test processes to be implemented at the beginning of system development! QA testing should be closely related to the development process, regardless of the methods that are used.
Our experience allows to incorporate our team in different methods of development process: those traditional, incremental and versatile. Testing is one of the most important stages in software development cycle, and cannot be ignored!

Tools: In order to improve the quality assurance process, we use the latest test management tools. We provide services including the implementation of a solution based on HP Application Lifecycle Management (formerly HP Quality Center), as well as tools such as Jira, Bugzilla, TestLink, SpiraTest. We have our own testing laboratory.

Contact with our design department:

Karol Janiak

General Director