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Performance Testing

TestCase team also implements projects on Performance testing. Our experience guarantees test’s creation which may show overload on the actual production environment. We design projects in a manner that will provide us with the answers to the following questions:

  • whether the system will be able to handle a certain number of transactions in a timely manner?
  • whether the system has “Bottlenecks”?
  • what is the actual system’s capability?
  • what will be the reaction of the whole system’s architecture in overload situation?

By getting answers to these questions TestCase’s engineers are able to recommend the trail that will improve the efficiency of the whole system and which, by the same token, will avoid future defects.

How we work: Most of the projects implemented by our QA engineers are based on HP LoadRunner platform. This is an industry-leading solution used to conduct comprehensive performance testing. We also use proven tools such as Apache JMeter which is available for free.



Grzegorz Milczewski

solution architect

kom.: +48 570 990 919